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Free Hjalti!

Mugshot of Maurice Thomson Michaely, aka "Hjalti". (Image courtesy of CBS WUSA 9)

Someone's been a bad, bad boy, and it looks like it was Maurice Thomson Michaely, also known as "Hjalti" by his buddies, the Wolves of Vinland.

Maurice has a problem with lighting African American Baptist Churches on fire. Seems Maurice just can't help himself.

Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church (Copyright unknown)

According to court documents obtained through a Circuit Court of Virginia Criminal Case search, Michaely is apparently, currently serving a 2.5 year sentence, and owing $249,721.98 in restitution.

(Images courtesy of Virginia Courts Case Information)

A posting on Facebook by Wolves of Vinland head honcho Paul Waggener says that their wolfbrother Hjalti was sentenced to 2.5 years in prison.

One photo posted on June 11, 2014 shows Hjalti with "666" scratched into his wrist. In the photo, Hjalti seems to be all smiles. Scott Greer, an Associate Editor at The Daily Caller"likes" the post.

Scott Greer, Associate Editor at The Daily Caller likes Paul Waggener's post showing Maurice
Michaely in prison. Note the "666" scratched into Michaely's wrist. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Scott Greer, Associate Editor at The Daily Caller (Image courtesy of The Daily Caller)

Paul Waggener posted a second photo on June 11, 2014, which shows him talking with the "incarcerated wolf" Hjalti from behind the glass. Among those who "liked" the post were Devin Saucier (ex-Youth For Western Civilization), and Jack Donovan, who will be speaking at Richard Spencer's National Policy Institute event titled "Become Who We Are" in October of this year.

Paul Waggener visits convicted arsonist Maurice Michaely in prison. White Nationalists
Devin Saucier and Jack Donovan like Waggeners post. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Some wolf-chatter, about wolfbrother Hjalti:

More wolf-chatter:

One person who took special note of Hjalti's predicament is Amanda Prevette, a former reporter for Campus Reform. Prevette writes:

"The whole situation just sucks. I've asked to be notified about any visitation and communication options. Will keep everyone else posted when I hear anything."

Former Campus Reform reporter Amanda Prevette comments on the incarceration of
convicted arsonist Maurice Michaely. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

A portion of an article on Devin Saucier/Leadership Institute/Youth For Western Civilization authored by former Campus Reform reporter Amanda Prevette (Image courtesy of Campus Reform)

It would seem that the Wolves have made an assortment of friends, some of whom are tied to the more mainstream Right. Nothing like a Baptist Church fire to bring disparate movements together.

MC 900 Ft. Jesus - The City Sleeps

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