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Who are the Wolves of Vinland?

Chief furry in-charge of the Wolves of Vinland, Paul Waggener, aka "Grimnir"
 (Image courtesy of Tumblr)

"Six years ago, I was one of four guys who decided to start a gang. This wasn’t the word we used, and its negative connotations will put a lot of people off, but Webster defines the word as: “…a group of persons working together (2): a group of persons working to unlawful or antisocial ends…” We were both of these things at once- our aim was to work toward a common goal that was antosocial. We’ll turn again to our trusty Webster’s Dictionary for a definition of that one: “…hostile or harmful to organized society; especially: being or marked by behavior deviating sharply from the social norm.” “Behavior deviating sharply from the social norm.” That definition should be tattooed right on the forearm of everyone in this outfit as a reminder of what we are, and what we ain’t. Before you get hung up on the “hostile to organized society” bit, Webster simply defines that as “openly opposed or in resistance to.” We are openly opposed to this culture’s social norms. We are in resistance to herd mentality and ignorance. We are “hostile” towards laziness, obesity, homogenization, emasculation and the tight leash of overly restrictive Law. We clanned together because we chose to reach out to like minds and carve a niche into this world big enough to breathe in- and we clawed it out the hard way- every step of the process was a climb up the mountainside, and we still have not come close to the summit. Six years after formation, we own property, have dozens of members in more than 6 states, have built permanent structures, and are still reaching out to those like minds, attempting to provide a community and a social structure that presents its own set of “norms,” those being Honor, Loyalty, Strength, Pride, Ferocity and Will, to name a few. I was prompted to write this little piece by a number of emails and messages I’ve received over the past few months from individuals in locations as far flung as Canada, Sweden, Germany, New Zealand, and a few right here in Vinland, bemoaning a lack of fellowship, camaraderie and value in their lives. In short, they were expressing a deep dissatisfaction with lack of TRIBE. I believe this is a dissatisfaction that most individuals in this modern society are experiencing, and one that they seek to remedy with all manner of distraction and replacement- from drinking buddies to sports team loyalty, from the MMA gym to the motorcycle club, people are looking for a tribe to belong to, and that in turn, belongs to them. I have only one piece of advice to offer all these people: man the fuck up and sieze the day by its throat! Get out there and start forming meaningful connections and relationships the old-fashioned way… get off the fucking keyboard and out from behind the computer screen and make shit happen in your life instead of bemoaning a lack of adventure and community! This never ceases to enrage and frustrate me- no matter what is being discussed, if it is being discussed, it aint getting done. Certainly, some amount of discussion and pre-planning can get something “in the works,” but more often than not it leads to nothing but words upon words, instead of word leading to deed. The Wolves exist because we felt a Need, and out of that Need, we Created. That Creation became a living thing, and its strength called out to Strength. It Grew, it is still Growing. But all of it, and everything we do, begins as a Seed. A tiny thing, a fragile idea that must be watered with Blood and Will and Action if it is to set down roots- without these things it will simply die in rocky soil. This world is cold, and hard, and unforgiving- within it, the only thing that has value for us is the Family we have chosen. Hail the Wolves, Fuck the World."   Paul Waggener (aka "Grimnir")

Kevin Deanna, and the Wolves of Vinland

Jack Donovan, and the Wolves of Vinland


Jack Donovan (Image courtesy of Tumblr)

That's Jack Donovan. He's a White Nationalist with ties to Richard Spencer and the National Policy Institute. He's also a prospect to the Wolves of Vinland. Jack will be speaking to a small crowd of racists in Washington DC on October 31, 2015 at the National Press Club at an event put on by Richard Spencer titled "Become Who We Are".

Line-up for National Policy Institute event titled "Become Who We Are" (Image courtesy of National Policy Institute)

What is Operation Werewolf?

Free Hjalti!

Mugshot of Maurice Thomson Michaely, aka "Hjalti". (Image courtesy of CBS WUSA 9)

Someone's been a bad, bad boy, and it looks like it was Maurice Thomson Michaely, also known as "Hjalti" by his buddies, the Wolves of Vinland.

Maurice has a problem with lighting African American Baptist Churches on fire. Seems Maurice just can't help himself.

Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church (Copyright unknown)

According to court documents obtained through a Circuit Court of Virginia Criminal Case search, Michaely is apparently, currently serving a 2.5 year sentence, and owing $249,721.98 in restitution.

(Images courtesy of Virginia Courts Case Information)

A posting on Facebook by Wolves of Vinland head honcho Paul Waggener says that their wolfbrother Hjalti was sentenced to 2.5 years in prison.

One photo posted on June 11, 2014 shows Hjalti with "666" scratched into his wrist. In the photo, Hjalti seems to be all smiles. Scott Greer, an Associate Editor at The Daily Caller"likes" the post.

Scott Greer, Associate Editor at The Daily Caller likes Paul Waggener's post showing Maurice
Michaely in prison. Note the "666" scratched into Michaely's wrist. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Scott Greer, Associate Editor at The Daily Caller (Image courtesy of The Daily Caller)

Paul Waggener posted a second photo on June 11, 2014, which shows him talking with the "incarcerated wolf" Hjalti from behind the glass. Among those who "liked" the post were Devin Saucier (ex-Youth For Western Civilization), and Jack Donovan, who will be speaking at Richard Spencer's National Policy Institute event titled "Become Who We Are" in October of this year.

Paul Waggener visits convicted arsonist Maurice Michaely in prison. White Nationalists
Devin Saucier and Jack Donovan like Waggeners post. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Some wolf-chatter, about wolfbrother Hjalti:

More wolf-chatter:

One person who took special note of Hjalti's predicament is Amanda Prevette, a former reporter for Campus Reform. Prevette writes:

"The whole situation just sucks. I've asked to be notified about any visitation and communication options. Will keep everyone else posted when I hear anything."

Former Campus Reform reporter Amanda Prevette comments on the incarceration of
convicted arsonist Maurice Michaely. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

A portion of an article on Devin Saucier/Leadership Institute/Youth For Western Civilization authored by former Campus Reform reporter Amanda Prevette (Image courtesy of Campus Reform)

It would seem that the Wolves have made an assortment of friends, some of whom are tied to the more mainstream Right. Nothing like a Baptist Church fire to bring disparate movements together.

MC 900 Ft. Jesus - The City Sleeps

White Nationalists Matt Parrott and Brad Griffin on the Wolves of Vinland


(All images courtesy of Facebook)

White Nationalist Matt Parrott, co-founder of the Traditionalist Youth Network writes:

"White Nationalism defined narrowly in terms of its current leadership and groupthink, is indeed a not-even-wrong non-starter paleocon mass-political crypt-keeping cargo cult."

Parrott adds:

"Defined more broadly, in terms of movements which are inclusive of white identities being preserved in North America, there are three nascent movements which I consider promising... Wolves of Vinland, the League, and TradYouth."

White Nationalist Brad Griffin, publisher of Occidental Dissent says of the Wolves of Vinland:

"The bulk of WN (White Nationalism) is an online thing. There are only a handful of exceptions. I used to live in VA and saw first hand what the Wolves are building. They are sort of an outlier though."

Griffin adds:

"It might be the leading example of a real world WN (White Nationalist) community in the North American continent."

We need to thank both Matt and Brad, because we weren't sure how to classify this group. Thanks to them, we now know that the Wolves of Vinland are part of the whole White Nationalist movement. Going forward, we will refer to them as such as we trust Matt and Brad's judgement, given their combined years of experience with White Nationalism. Thanks guys!

Paul Waggener to Master Chim-ichanga: "We still practice "humane" animal sacrifice"


Wolves of Vinland leader Paul Waggener tells Master Chim-ichanga:

"I know this is a touchy subject for a lot of people but we still practice "humane" animal sacrifice, and so you'll see that over there, blood in the furrows."

(Image courtesy of Tumblr)

Master Chim: "What does the group to an outsider, what is the, how is the group different from just another group of guys? We've spoken about things like masculinity, and ritual, and tradition, and identity. When the average guy on the outside sees The Wolves, what are they going to see? What do you guys want to be seen as?" 
Paul Waggener: "You hope that you're seen as what you say that you are, but I think that... I think that we don't give a fuck really how people see us. I think that that's probably one of the things that's kept our group from that much scrutiny, and when there is media about us, there was just an article in Blue Ridge Outdoors magazine on us, or whatever, and it was a lot of misinformation and stupid facts. There's no rebuttal. We're not going to write into the place. We don't fucking care. It's like we always say, "Strength doesn't justify itself to weakness." I don't give a shit if people understand what we do, if they like what we do, if they are diametrically opposed to what we do. I could fucking care less."

(Image courtesy of Tumblr)

"There's fucking blog sites dedicated to us, just hating on us. You know what I mean? They're like, "This fucking hate group, and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah." Every time I just fucking have to laugh. I think we talked about this last time. Would these cocksuckers walk into a fucking Mohawk Indian Pow Wow and be like, "I demand that you recognize me as a member of the Mohawk Indian Nation." No. Because that would be fucking stupid, and that would be cultural appropriation. If you could get to any fucking different from me as a European-American, then you're a fucking racist. You know what I mean? Why is it any different for us? Why can't we have our own shit? So, fuck 'em. Co-existence is fuckin', co-existence is a moot point. Anybody in this world right now who's slanted against us, they fucking hate us for having a group like what we have, because they're fucking weak, and they're upholding a weak fucking narrative. Well, fuck it, and we hate 'em right back."

(Image courtesy of Twitter)


Wolfie Bestiality/Snuff Porn FAIL

Operation Werewolf: Iron & Semen

How to kill a runny babbit: Wolves of Vinland style

Me big, strong man. Me work out with gravestone. You scared.

Wolves of Vinland are officially designated as a hate group

(Image courtesy of the Southern Poverty Law Center)

It's about time. Congratulations losers.

Munch-time: Pee-wags MAD?

We like a challenge...

Devin Saucier busted at GOP protest...

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