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Paul Waggener to Master Chim-ichanga: "We still practice "humane" animal sacrifice"


Wolves of Vinland leader Paul Waggener tells Master Chim-ichanga:

"I know this is a touchy subject for a lot of people but we still practice "humane" animal sacrifice, and so you'll see that over there, blood in the furrows."

(Image courtesy of Tumblr)

Master Chim: "What does the group to an outsider, what is the, how is the group different from just another group of guys? We've spoken about things like masculinity, and ritual, and tradition, and identity. When the average guy on the outside sees The Wolves, what are they going to see? What do you guys want to be seen as?" 
Paul Waggener: "You hope that you're seen as what you say that you are, but I think that... I think that we don't give a fuck really how people see us. I think that that's probably one of the things that's kept our group from that much scrutiny, and when there is media about us, there was just an article in Blue Ridge Outdoors magazine on us, or whatever, and it was a lot of misinformation and stupid facts. There's no rebuttal. We're not going to write into the place. We don't fucking care. It's like we always say, "Strength doesn't justify itself to weakness." I don't give a shit if people understand what we do, if they like what we do, if they are diametrically opposed to what we do. I could fucking care less."

(Image courtesy of Tumblr)

"There's fucking blog sites dedicated to us, just hating on us. You know what I mean? They're like, "This fucking hate group, and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah." Every time I just fucking have to laugh. I think we talked about this last time. Would these cocksuckers walk into a fucking Mohawk Indian Pow Wow and be like, "I demand that you recognize me as a member of the Mohawk Indian Nation." No. Because that would be fucking stupid, and that would be cultural appropriation. If you could get to any fucking different from me as a European-American, then you're a fucking racist. You know what I mean? Why is it any different for us? Why can't we have our own shit? So, fuck 'em. Co-existence is fuckin', co-existence is a moot point. Anybody in this world right now who's slanted against us, they fucking hate us for having a group like what we have, because they're fucking weak, and they're upholding a weak fucking narrative. Well, fuck it, and we hate 'em right back."

(Image courtesy of Twitter)

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