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White Nationalists Matt Parrott and Brad Griffin on the Wolves of Vinland


(All images courtesy of Facebook)

White Nationalist Matt Parrott, co-founder of the Traditionalist Youth Network writes:

"White Nationalism defined narrowly in terms of its current leadership and groupthink, is indeed a not-even-wrong non-starter paleocon mass-political crypt-keeping cargo cult."

Parrott adds:

"Defined more broadly, in terms of movements which are inclusive of white identities being preserved in North America, there are three nascent movements which I consider promising... Wolves of Vinland, the League, and TradYouth."

White Nationalist Brad Griffin, publisher of Occidental Dissent says of the Wolves of Vinland:

"The bulk of WN (White Nationalism) is an online thing. There are only a handful of exceptions. I used to live in VA and saw first hand what the Wolves are building. They are sort of an outlier though."

Griffin adds:

"It might be the leading example of a real world WN (White Nationalist) community in the North American continent."

We need to thank both Matt and Brad, because we weren't sure how to classify this group. Thanks to them, we now know that the Wolves of Vinland are part of the whole White Nationalist movement. Going forward, we will refer to them as such as we trust Matt and Brad's judgement, given their combined years of experience with White Nationalism. Thanks guys!

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